Revolution Series

The Richardson Revolution (Rev) Series is the most powerful and safest wheeled jumpstarter for the trucking and heavy equipment industries.  Capable of many jumpstarts in a row with full polarity and ECM protection in the palm of your hand.  

Built In The USA

We take pride in the fact that we customize and personally build every jumpstarter that we make here in the Great U.S.A.  

Titan Series


Fixed mount unit is used in the back of service trucks, golf carts, Gators and Mules. Designed to get to hard to reach trucks on large lots or out on the road for service calls that need a quick and safe jump start.
Available in the same voltage ranges as our RevX models 12/24 volts, 18 volt, 18/30 volts.


Smart Start

Our "Safety Start "gives you control of your jumpstarter and another layer of polarity protection.  This helps eliminate costly damage caused by reversed polarity jumpstarting.  

50+ years of



50+ years of


GX Series

GXs in a row.jpg

The GX-12/24 is capable of starting Big Rigs or construction equipment.  Flat free wheels and AGM batteries make the GX12/24 built to last.


Custom Made

We Provide the Best Custom Jump Starters

You know there's nothing worse then waiting for a dead battery to charge in the middle of winter or having to call around to find a brand new one.  Let us build a custom rolling or fixed mount Jumpstarter for you today to keep you up and running.