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We deliver solutions to prevent and/or minimize our clients' equipment downtime. Currently we create the most sophisticated, reliable, and easiest to use jump starters in the industry. Reach out to us; we enjoy the challenge of building a custom product for your satisfy your needs.


Three decades ago Dwane Richardson began manufacturing jump starters and made his clients' satisfaction Richardson Jumpstarters primary objective. The passion to deliver for our clients has lead Richardson Jumpstarters to consistent innovation; making our products the safest, most powerful, and most dependable in the industry. Here is a brief history of that innovation:

1999 - Developed smart cable polarity protection

2000 - Introduced our Patented Automatic Smart Start with polarity protection

2004 - Released units integrating ultra capacitors for the US Military 

2006 - Improved the Automatic Smart Start by adding temperature shut off & diagnostic LEDs

2016 - Introduced Wireless Remote Control

2016 - Introduced our ramp up technology to satisfy and protect the vehicles Electronic Control Unit/Module

2017 - Released units with a Voltage Switch to alternate between 12 & 18 volts 

2018 - Released Voltage Regulated units

Our commitment hasn't stopped at our customers. We believe all companies and individuals should care for our environment. Therefore we recycle all our parts & plastic to eliminate unnecessary waste & CO2 emissions. In 2016 we received a Green Seal Certification.

Contact Us

Phone: 800-542-4364

Fax: 785-542-2218
Address: PO Box 606

Eudora, Kansas 66025

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