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Q: I see battery boosters under $100. Why would I spend more to get a Richardson Jumpstarters?

A: Those hand carry boxes barely start one small vehicle. Our powerful jump starters will start multiple large vehicles and are safe and easy to use. Richardson’s patented Smart Start offers reverse polarity protection with a remote on/off push button. Our patented Safety Start offers increased safety and vehicle diagnosis with computer control.


Q: How many vehicles can I start before recharging my jumpstarters?

A: This will vary depending on the outside temperature and state of charge of the batteries in the vehicle being started…However, we have had our customers tell us they have started 30 tractor trucks in a row before recharging

Q: Can jumpstarting harm my electronic control module (ECM) computer?

A: We have not had one report of a blown ECM in 26 years. Our Smart Start polarity protection system and Safety Start computer deliver great protection. However, if you are using a system with no polarity protection you need to make absolutely certain that anyone jumpstarting has the cables hooked up correctly or it can cause problems and result in damage to the operator, vehicle or jumpstarters.


Q: How long do I need to charge it for?

A: On average it takes 6 hours to recharge a unit.  You want to keep the unit voltage at or above 11 volts to keep it from running down. 


Q: I am confused by the different ratings on jumpstarting power like CCA, CA, MCA, peak etc. Can you explain them? How do I know how much power I need?
A: The Society of Automotive Engineers has a specification for CA,CCA,and MCA. Peak power is a mythical unspecified rating of little use. Cranking amps (CA) and marine cranking amps (MCA) are the current in amperes a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds when the temperature is 32 degrees F. The cold cranking amps (CCA) specification is at 0 degrees F. The power you need depends on your vehicle and the temperature. Remember this power must be delivered to your battery and starter so you will need wire as heavy as the wire to your starter and clamps rated to transfer that power. We offer size 4. wire with 500 amp parrot clamps and 2/0 wire with 800 amp clamps.


Q: I see all these names like jumpstarters and booster cables, battery booster, booster box, etc. What is the difference?
A: They are all names describing a product to start an engine. They differ in power, safety and ease of use.


Q: My Company already has a gas powered jumpstarters. We often have workers standing around waiting for batteries to charge. Can you offer a better solution?
A: Yes. Gas powered starters are expensive to maintain .You replace brushes, tune engines and use gasoline and oil. Our jumpstarters are very cost effective. They provide instant starting. No more paying employees to stand out in the cold waiting on the generator to charge the vehicle.


Q: We have mobile service trucks. Is your jumpstarters available in a fixed mount?
A: Yes. Our TitanII Series Jumpstarters are our fixed mount models. Our TitanII models come in the same voltage options as our Revolution rolling Series, 12v/24v, 18v, & 18v/30v models. Ready to deliver instant power on your mobile service vehicles in any weather condition.


Q: My Jumpstarter won't work.  Nothing happens when I hit the remote and it has full charge?

A:  The most common starting issue is the batteries in the remote control running down.  If you believe that the unit is fully charge yet it doesn't make a sound when you try to jumpstart a vehicle.  Please check the batteries in the remote control first.

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