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" The new RevX-30SRC is Working Great! Thanks!

Best tool in the shop! Great customer service! Do not go another day with out having one of these to support your staff! I have saved thousands of dollars using these in our operations! Please call me if you are considering one of their models and have any questions!! "

Steve Wolfe, President

Diversified Body and Paint Shop Inc.

4909 Fox Street. Denver, CO 80216

(O) 303-289-4797 (C) 303-870-8484

"The RevX-18 has been a great addition to our shop.  We did not have an issue previously with blowing ECM's, and we still don't with your unit.  The biggest advantages to us are the portability, relatively light weight and ease of use. Our lot is tight and the RevX-18 allows us to get it into tight spaces."


Bob Spatz, Branch Gen Mgr

Kriete Truck Center Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI

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