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Richardson Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Beast Jumpstarters For Big Jobs

The biggest of our Jumpstarters for starting the biggest Vehicles on the planet. The Beast model has it's own built in pallet for easy maneuverability.


It's ECM Safe design safely starts Class 3 to Class 8 diesel trucks when you switch it to 18 volts. And it's also designed to safely start up to 44 liter diesels when you switch to the 30 volt side.  On average The Beast will have your vehicle started in 5 seconds or less regardless of size.


Custom built solid wood pallet attached to jumpstarter for easy forklift access and strap down.

Built In The USA

We take pride in the fact that we customize and personally build every jumpstarter that we make here in the Great U.S.A.  

jumpstarter and a  tank.png_s.jpg
soldier starting w Infinity 3.jpg_s (1).

Heavy Duty


Our Heavy Duty Jumper Cables are  second to none!  We use top quality, high flex welding cable that is resistant to corrosive liquids.  Available in many sizes and custom lengths.

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