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The Best Jumpstarters

in every shape and size


Most Powerful:

We are the only company that installs capacitors into our jump starters; delivering more power while preventing battery discharge and draining.

Safest in Industry:

Our machines are leading the industry with six innovations to protect you and your vehicle.

Easy to Use:

Our units are designed to save you time and money by delivering consistent, reliable, and sufficient power without guesswork or failure.

The Safest Jumpstarters

Six innovations that keep our customers safe and their vehicles free from damage.


Patented Smart Start Technology

The computer module in our jumpstarters reads the connection to the battery and verifies the cables polarity before allowing a charge to be sent. 

ECM/ECU Protection

Our jumpstarters diagnose a vehicles' Electronic Control Module to provide only the current needed to start the vehicle, protecting the vehicles electronics and saving our customers thousands in repair costs.

Wireless Remote Control

Enables our units with a touch of a button so individuals can restart their equipment safety inside their vehicle.

Automatic Shutoff

Our units stop sending voltage when a sufficient charge has been delivered. By monitoring our units temperature with a thermal switch our units know when it is no longer safe to send flow.

Voltage Switch

Adjusts voltage with the flick of a switch to match the  vehicles electrical need.

Marine Grade Voltage LED Display

Reads and displays the battery's voltage immediately.

ECM Safe Technology

Automatic Shutoff

Voltage Switch

Voltage Display (LED)

Remote Control

Polarity Protection

The Most Powerful Jumpstarters

Electrical Output

We have the highest and most consistent voltage output in the industry (we've tested!). Don't be fooled by our competitors' claims who mislead customers by promoting high output / cca to sell units but fail to deliver. We are happy allow you to test our product for yourself and become convinced.


All our products use the highest quality batteries selected with decades of knowledge and use, contributing to our units industry leading reliability and longevity. 


The inclusion of capacitors in our design increases the jump starters electrical output while reducing the pull on the batteries. This translates into more power and greater battery life.

Guaranteed to deliver

Before leaving our shop all our products undergo a 15 point safety analysis and 20 point quality control inspection. Ensuring every unit is delivered in perfect condition.

Made in the USA

All our products are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. 


They are a beast. We have one here that a tech left on the tires, forgot about, and drove over it. We have it zip tied together and it still charges with no problems!!! It’s been months since that happened! We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They all get used non-stop!!! I need a couple more, to be honest, I just haven’t had a chance to reach out and order. 

M Pags / Mid America Peterbilt / O'Fallon, MO

I have personally been in the medium/heavy duty vehicle repair industry for twenty years now. Throughout the years, jump starting a vehicle is a way of life, especially in Indiana winters. I am used to being let down by the performance and reliability of handheld sized jump starters. Fed up with wasted money, and unreliable products, I searched the infamous internet. I came across richardson jumpstaters, which I had never heard of before. There were several vehicle mounted style jumpstarters on the website, but that was not  what I was looking for. On a whim, I sent an email to Richardson asking for help/information. I was contacted quickly, and was introduced to the JB12HD jump starter. At the time, it had just reached the end of its "trial" phase, and was about to be released to the public. I was educated on the unit, and they even offered to let me demo the unit with no obligation. We have a school bus fleet of 130 vehicles with engines from 6.0 GM gasoline to 7.7L Detroit Diesels. The first vehicle I attempted to jump start was actually a 1964 John Deere 4020 with a diesel. It was below zero and the engine was ambient air temperature. The batteries in the tractor were also completely dead. Once hooking up the JB12HD, we attempted to turn the engine over. Honestly, it spun over like a summer day with fully charged batteries.. I was blown away! We had a new NOCO jump starter that allegedly would jump up to 10L diesel engines. It would not produce more than a click from this tractor. The difference was night and day between the products. I have personally jump started more than 20 diesel buses in a row on days well below zero on a single battery charge. The battery life and performance of this product has spoiled me, and I have not found a comparable product. We are three years in with this unit, and it has never failed to start anything I have put it on, in any condition. I ordered another unit to keep on my service truck as well. If you're tired of paying for products that flatly do not work, spend the money and get used to more equipment uptime. I routinely recommend this product to anyone I know, and will continue doing so. 

Jerry Mosbaugh / Lead Fleet Technician / Noblesville Schools

I have 2 of your JB12HD handheld jump boxes that were purchased 2-3 year back and Tuesday the company that handles our auctions came to inventory our buses. We have 30 units going into auction and all have been sitting dead all year waiting on this day. I took both jump boxes and jumped every bus on the lot that were to be auctioned off. At the end of the day I never had to stop and charge either jump box. I am going to have to say that by far these are the best jump boxes we have ever had.

Glenn Henry / Owner / Pearland ISD

Best tool in the shop! Great customer service! Do not go another day with out having one of these to support your staff! I have saved thousands of dollars using these in our operations! Please call me if you are considering one of their models and have any questions!!

Steve Wolfe / President / Diversified Body and Paint

We took in a huge group of late model repo’s and were having trouble keeping them charged and started. We were about to work ourselves to death with a battery charger when I saw one of the RevX-18’s at a local truck dealer. We purchased one and used it like crazy starting multiple trucks in a row quickly and with no problems. Best thing is, we didn’t have to worry about anyone burning up the ECM’s while using it.

Scott Coleman / Owner / Trux Tailer & Tracker Repair

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